2013-06-19 08:17:16



Quezon’s Environment Natural Resources Officer, Manny Calayag visited the coastal barangays of Lopez, Quezon that participated in Quezon’s 2-in-1, the monumental planting of two million mangrove propagules in one day which was held last year on June 30.

Calayag, with his staff, went to Barangay Sta. Teresa, Lopez this June 11, 2013 to monitor the progress of the propagules that were planted. This is one of his office’s many regularly-scheduled monitoring of the 2-in-1 planting areas.

Aside from growth monitoring, PG-ENRO (Provincial Government - Environment Natural Resources Office) also periodically replenish the mangroves that were planted.

“The provincial government wants to ensure that the propagules planted during Quezon’s 2-in-1 will survive and grow; aside from the measures taken by the PG-ENRO, barangay volunteers also do their part to take care of the mangroves,” said Calayag. The barangay volunteers, also known as Luntiang Katipuneros, actively participate in caring for the local environment. They recognize the ecological importance of mangroves and the huge positive impact it has in sustaining the richness of the seas, thereby supporting the livelihood of nearby communities. In Lopez, a documented 98% of the mangroves survived and are now sprouting leaves. According to Mark Manza, barangay captain of Sta. Teresa, Lopez, a total of 68,000 mangroves are flourishing under their care. He also reported that they had a replenishment planting of 10,000 propagules last June 8. Edilberto Yaba and Samson Lagos, both Luntiang Katipuneros and residents of Brgy. Sta. Teresa, said that people from their barangay were happy when Quezon Governor David Suarez launched the 2-in-1 activity. They acknowledged the project’s long-term benefits; many of them took part in the planting, along with their spouses and children.

There are currently 1,960 Luntiang Katipunero members in Quezon. They appeal to their fellow Quezonians to participate in any way they know how – great or small – to care for the environment and the planet we all share.(QUEZON PIO)