Serbisyong Suarez for Agriculture and Health


2013-04-01 08:48:47



Three towns from Quezon Province’s 1st district receive aid from Serbisyong Suarez for Agriculture and Health this March 19-21, 2013.The towns of Panukulan, Polillo and Burdeos, Quezon received farm equipment from the provincial government, while a medical-dental mission was held at Polillo and Panukulan.

Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez first visited the municipality of Panukulanto impart farm machineries to ARB Small Owner Cultivators and Agricultural Leases, and Panukulan Credit Cooperative of Barangay San Juan. The equipment includedtwo hand tractors, two multi-tillers, ten push-type weeders, a grain moisture meter, ten knapsack sprayers and a double pass rice mill.

Barangay health workers from the town’s 12 barangays were also given kits and nebulizers.

After the distribution, Gov. Suarez proceeded to the town ofPolilloto give the farmers of Barangay Libjo farm equipment amounting to more than a million pesos.

The medical-dental mission in Panukulan last March 20, 2013 was also successful, where 500 people underwent free consultation and 113 got teeth checked up.

A provincial road over 500 meters long at Barangay Poblacion inBurdeos, Quezon and a kindergarten class room for Burdeos Central Elementary School was inaugurated in the said municipality. This was followed by distribution of farm equipment to the farmers ofCarlagan Credit Cooperative. They received a motorized boatwith a capacity of 18 tonnes, four hand tractors with a trailer, two power sprayers,and a multifunction drilling rig.

The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officealso conducted a seminar for the three town’s barangay police, where they received training on what to do during times of calamity and other disasters. (QUEZON PIO)