Quezon Provincial Government Support Solid Waste Management


2013-02-19 16:24:07



The Provincial Government of Quezon continues to actively support R.A. 9003, also known as the Solid Waste Management Act, said Mr. Manny Calayag of the Environment and Natural Resources office (ENRO) last February 18, 2013 at the provincial government employees’ regular flag ceremony.

A standing proof of this is the strict adherence of the provincial government’s offices and departments in following correct waste segregation guidelines; from recyclables, biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

Mr. Calayag also announced that the HARIBON Foundation, through Mr. Paul Watts and the US Peace Corps, through Mr. Milosel E. Cruz, have recognized Quezon’s programs addressing environmental concerns, such as Quezon’s 2-in-1 last June 30, 2012.

In accordance with this, Mr. Cruz promised to send two marine biologists from the U.S. to assist the province with its environmental efforts, which will benefit not only Quezon’s ecosystem, but the livelihood of its people as well.

One of the major environmental projects of the province last 2012 is Quezon’s 2-in-1, the province-wide planting of mangrove propagules in coastline municipalities last June 30, 2012. According to data from ENRO, a total of 2,766,242propagules were planted by 39,000 volunteers.

Mr. Calayag admitted that because of typhoon Opel, which damaged parts of Sariaya and Lucena, Quezon, some of the propagules inevitably died. Currently, there are now 2,074,000 existing mangrove propagules, but the ENRO is continuously replenishing the sites where the planting was held to replace the ones that did not survive. (Quezon PIO)