Social Services Day in Padre Burgos


2013-02-18 09:04:15



Mr. Conrado and Leonida Sanchez, the oldest pair of the 27 married during the mass wedding held at Padre Burgos, Quezon this February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day. The said activity is part of the social services day held during the second day of the town’s 96th founding anniversary. (Quezon PIO)

Padre Burgos, Quezon –Over 500 patients were given free medical and dental services by Serbisyong Suarez for Health this February 14, 2013

400 residents from the said town made the most of the free medical consultation, while 129 were able to avail to have their teeth checked and treated.

According Mrs. Lina Rabe, it was a happy coincidence that the medical mission was held that day. She had been experiencing body pains for the past few days, but now she doesn’t need to go through the hassle of traveling to the next town to get to a hospital.

Another local, Mr. Marcelino Bathan, said he was a regular patient of the medical missions Serbisyong Suarez gives to their town. In fact, most of his teeth have been removed from past medical missions, and is now hoping that the local government would help him get new dentures.

Most of the patients that came to the said event were from distant barangays in the municipality.

A mass wedding was held on the same date as a part of the social services day in celebration of Padre Burgos’ 96th anniversary. 27 pairs were married, with Mr. Conrado and Leonida Sanchez as the oldest pair. The two residents have lived together for 30 years before getting married this Valentine’s Day. (Quezon PIO)