Benefits for Barangay Officials Receive “No” from Senate


2013-02-12 16:18:10




San Narciso, Quezon – 3rdDistrict Congressman Danilo Suarez and barangay officials from the said town were dismayed when the proposal to provide benefits to retiring barangay officials on a national level recently received the axe from the senate.

According to Cong. Suarez, Senator Franklin Drilon and his fellow senators did not approve the trust fund which would amount to around 5.5 billion pesos, alluding that the said fund would be enough to finance more projects for barangays.

The proposal would have benefitted 2,000,150 barangay officials, receiving Php 70,000.00 each for 25 years of service.

Cong. Suarez added that, barangay officials are the only government employees who do not receive any kind of benefit after retiring from their position. But he reminded that, at least, those in the province of Quezon are lucky because they have Governor David“Jayjay” Suarez’s Endowment Program.

Gov. Suarez explained the said endowment program would give at least Php 5,000.00 to barangay officials after their term is done.

The first general assembly of barangay officials held the evening of February 9, 2013 was graced by Gov. Suarez, his father Cong. Danilo Suarez, his mother, former Congw. Aleta Suarez, vice-governor candidate BM Romano Talaga and members of the provincial council.(Quezon PIO)