Provincial Veterinary Office Conduct Animal Medical Mission, Over 4,000 Animals Receive Free Medication in Candelaria, Quezon


2012-11-14 17:10:09



Rodelito Pamular,Animal Health Division Head (third from the right) teaching two pet owners how to inject vaccine on pet dogs during the Veterinary Medical Mission at Candelaria, Quezon last November 13, 2012.(QUEZON PIO)

The Provincial Veterinary Office conducted an Animal Medical Mission at Candelaria, Quezon last November 13, 2012 at the municipal hall of the said town.

More than 4,000 animals, including 306 dogs, were successfully given free rabies shots, vitamins, dewormers, and flea/tick removers. Aside from dogs, owners of pigs, cattle and other animals also asked for medicines that they can use to keep their pets and livestock healthy.

Mr. Benigno Dalawampu thanked the Provincial Government and Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez for the free medication he recieved for his animals and added that the projects the current administration implements for its people are very helpful and visible.

In the message of Animal Health Division Head Rodelito Pamular, he said that it is their honor to serve the Quezonians by taking care of their animals. He also said that the success of their efforts come from the support the communities, LGUs, and Gov. Suarez gives them.(QUEZON PIO)