Quezon Cooperatives Receive Php 100,000.00; Farmer’s Productivity Enhancement Program, Underway


2012-10-31 12:07:01




Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez confer Php 100,000.00 to over 300 cooperative members during the Cooperative Month Celebration last October 25 held at Queen Margarette Hotel,Lucena City. Half of the said amount was used as prize money for the games and contests prepared for the program, while the remaining half is to be divided amongst the members as financial help.

It is Gov. Suarez’s sincerest aim to have the cooperatives in Quezon take part in the planning of projects and programs. He added that the Provincial Government and the cooperative have one aim, which is to help the Quezonians who are in need, so it is only right for the two to join forces in order to hasten the delivery of benefits to the general public.

The long-awaited request of the cooperatives to have an office representing them in the Provincial Government has also been granted. The newly established Provincial Development Office will be part of the budget allocation for the following year, 2013. Gov. Suarez wishes for the cooperatives and cooperative members to be an active and more permanent fixture in alleviating poverty, hand in hand with the Provincial Government.

Gov. Suarez also served as guest speaker during the 19th Provincial Youth Parliament, headed by Board Member Joana Martija. The said event was held from October 24-26, also at Queen Margarette Hotel. The hardworking governor expressed his happiness at the active participation of the youth in their particular areas, and their knowledgeability in current events.

At the end of the open forum that was conducted during the program, the Sangguniang Kabataan thanked Gov. Suarez for his responsive and responsible governance of the Province of Quezon. According to Board Member Martija, Gov. Suarez is an exemplary leader and it is admirable how he balances the dissemination of projects for the province, particularly in the sector of Education – where each student is given equal opportunity and access to good education.

Gov. Suarez pushed towards Unisan, Quezon past 1 pm from Queen Margarrette Hotel after the program of the 19th Provincial Youth Parliament to witness the Lakbay Aral of over 400 municipal officials of Calauag, Quezon. Here, Gov. Suarez announced that the Endowment Fund for barangay officials has already been passed and is ready to be dispersed for those on their way to retirement. The Endowment Fund aims to provide assistance to barangay officials after years of serving their fellow Quezonians. Those who qualify for the retirement packageare Barangay Captains, Barangay Tanods, Barangay Secretaries, Barangay Health Workers, and Day Care Workers.

Gov. Suarez also said that he is requesting that the congress pass a law stating local officials to receive regular salary, not only in the Province of Quezon but in the whole country as well.

The Provincial Government of Quezon also have a new program for farmers underway. Known as the Farmer’s Productivity Enhancement Program, the Provincial Government shall provide Php 50 Million funding for corn production. At harvesting period the Provincial Government will be the ones to buy the produce of the farmers in order to give them a good price and protect their profits. (QUEZON PIO)