12 Towns from 3rd District Receive Over 6.4 Million Worth of Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons


2012-10-31 08:14:20




Ceremonial Turnover of Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons to the 12 towns from the 3rd District of Quezon last October 26 at the Municipal Covered Court in Catanauan, Quezon. With Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez and 3rd District Congressman Danilo E. Suarez are the 8 mayors from the 3rd District and Board Members Romano “Mano” Talaga, Lourdes De Luna-Pasatiempo, and Victor Reyes.(QUEZON PIO)

A total of Php. 6,480,000.00 worth of Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons was distributed to 12 towns from Quezon’s 3rd District last October 26, 2012 at the Municipal Covered Court of Catanauan, Quezon.

324 Barangay Captains personally attended the event to receive the coupons, amounting to Php 20,000.00 for each barangay.

According to Catanauan Mayor Ramon Orfanel, it is an honor to have their town picked as the venue for the distribution of Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons. Residents from all over Quezon – particularly the poor – benefit greatly from the project and Mayor Orfanel expressed his happiness that the services for the sick and needy are being supported by the Local Government.

In the message of Board Member Lourdes De Luna Pasatiempo, she said that Lingap Kalusugan sa Barangay is here to stay for the Quezonians, especially now that it is an Ordinance. She added that programs like these that have visible impact on the population are what the Provincial Government strive to make, and that as Board Members, they give their full support to.

Board Member Victor Reyes also said that Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez have a lot of programs and projects planned out for the province. They all agree that it is all for the improvement and development of Quezon, like the Serbisyong Suarez health Coupons – which remain to be one of the most popular and sought-after projects of the Provincial Government.

Gov. Suarez once again explained the proper way to use the Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons and how necessary it is for each Barangay Captain to do their part for the success of the program. According to Gov. Suarez, the Provincial Government continues to brainstorm various ways to improve the lives of Quezonians, and the Barangay Captains serve as integral partners to nurture the much-strived for development in the province since they are the ones who have first-hand information on the plight of the residents and know personally what it is that their area needs.

Gov. Suarez added that it is only right to give assistance to anyone who asks for it,and he believes that is the primary function of those in the Government. The good Father of Quezon also challenged the people to pay their taxes, because it is the lifeblood that funds the projects that the people ultimately benefit from. If tax collection improves and hits 60%, Gov. Suarez promised that Health Coupons will also be provided for Barangay Councilors to disseminate.

3rd District Congressman Danilo E. Suarez’s House Bill 6567 has also been passed in the House of Representatives, which mandates Barangay workers to receive retirement pay after their term ends. Those who qualify for the benefits stated inside the said bill are Barangay Captains, Barangay Tanods, Barangay Secretaries, Barangay Health Workers, and Day Care Workers.

Also present during the program are 3rd District Former Congresswoman Aleta C. Suarez, Senior Board Member Romano “Mano” Talaga, mayors and other LGU officials from the 12 municipalities of the 3rd District of Quezon.(QUEZON PIO)