Biking to Work Every Friday, Suggested to Employees of the Provincial Government of Quezon


2012-10-13 16:24:21




Provincial Administrator Rommel Edaño urged his fellow Provincial Government employees to use bikes to work every Friday during the flag raising ceremony in front of the Provincial Capitol Building last October 8.

PA Edaño aims to inspire the employees to try out a healthier alternative to transportation. Biking, which helps lessen carbon emissions brought by the use of motor vehicle, also reduces the consumption of gasoline and serves a great means of exercise. He also added that he wishes for the Quezon Biker’s Club to become an example to the province, changing the meaning of its initials to Quezon Bawas Carbon and Quezon Bawas Cholesterol.

A billboard is planned to be set up around the Capitol compound displaying information about how much carbon is reduced every time an employee bikes. He also expressed his interest to invite individual citizens to join in on their cause to help lessen pollution.

PA Edaño hopes that in the following days, the said plan would be put into motion. The shower room in the Quezon Convention Center would also be open for use for the employees so that they can freshen up before going into their offices. Lockers and bike racks are also proposed to be built.

The Provincial Accounting Office was also congratulated by PA Edaño for its big contribution in helping the Provincial Government of Quezon with its budget and monetary flow, particularly in organizing funds for the Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupon.(QUEZON PIO)