QMC Celebrates 88th Founding Anniversary, 25th Feast Day Anniversary of Patron Saint


2012-10-01 13:02:46





The Quezon Medical Center (QMC) commemorates its 88th year, coinciding with the 25th feast day anniversary of their patron saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila, this September 26 at the Quezon Convention Center, Lucena City.

Cynthia C. Quierrez, M.D. – Hermana Mayor, and Alfredo I. Lavarro, RN – Hermano Mayor,greeted those in attendance in their welcome address when the night of celebration formally started well past 7 pm. Both reminded everyone present of the responsibilities they have as the “heirs” of the hospital’s founders and the people who worked there before them.

In behalf of Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez, Dr. Agripino P. Tullas PGDH-IPHO congratulated QMC for its 88 years of service to the people of Quezon. The legacy of service should be continued on with pride by its present administration and employees. Dr. Tullas added that, since the occasion is a feast day memorial as well, it is only fitting to thank QMC’s patron San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila for his guidance and intercession. Despite inadequacies, as all are human and bound to err, they are still able to support and assist their fellowmen.

He also thanked Assistant Provincial Health Officer Dr. Mario Cuento, who is set to retire this year, for his help in technical service and over-all management of the hospital. Dr. Cuento received a plaque as a sign of appreciation.

QMC also recognized the efforts of itsother retiring employees. Those who received certificates of appreciation were Imelda De Torres, Thelma P. Elma, Carmelita Rosas, Rufo Ocson, and Dr. EmillianoJoven, Jr.

The formal event, promised to be a “night of music and dancing” thanks to Bong Babat and his orchestra, was graced by invited guests and hospital employees in the traditional Filipiniana attire.

During the event, the incoming Hermanas and Hermanos for the following year were introduced. They are: Ruel Abe, RN – Hermano Mayor; Dr. Joanne Ililigay – Hermana Mayor; Dr. Francis Gerard Daya; Jasmin Racelis; Paz Mariano; Lillian Caparros; Jennifer Rosales; Francisco L. Tan; Fidel Lleva; Dr. Denilda De Silva, LettyAlzola, Joyce Salayo, and Joy Alibarbar.

The current Hermanas and Hermanos for 2012 were Alfred Lavarro, RN; Dr. Cynthia C. Quierrez; Dr. Bessie V. Ayala; Engracia Absulio, Giselle Alpay, Thelma P. Elma; Imelda P. Chavez; Darrie Diego Ramos; Rafael P. Cadavid; Elena De Guzman; Melba T. Abastillas; Flordeliza M. Maas; and Leodel Yap, RN.(Quezon PIO)