Gumaca and Calauag Receive New Projects from Gov. David “Jayjay” C. Suarez


2012-09-26 11:39:46




Coinciding with two big events in the towns of Gumaca and Calauag, Quezon Gov. David “Jayjay” C. Suarez imparted the two with new projects last September 21, 2012

A General Assembly of PTA Officers from over 69 day care centers from the municipality of Calauag was held. In the message of Gov. Suarez, it is his responsibility as the “Father of the Province” to focus on the situation in every municipality under Quezon in order to understand and fulfill the needs of his constituents. The young governor also praised Mayor Luisito Visorde for his service to the people of his town and the support Calauag gave during Quezon’s 2-in-1 last June 30 – where more than 2 million mangrove propagules were planted through the efforts of over 39,000 Quezonians in the coastal municipalities throughout the province.

Gov. Suarez also added that he makes sure that the programs and projects of the Provincial Government is being properly made available to all of Quezon’s barangays, like the Serbisyong Suarez Health Coupons, and the setting up of a Serbisyong Suarez Help Desk at Gumaca District Hospital in order to make the health coupon’s benefits more accessible to the residents of the 4th District. 200,000 pesos worth of medicine was also given to the Community Medicare Center in the area. BHWs, day care workers, barangay tanods and other barangays can now also avail of an Endowment Fund when come times for them to retire. Funding is also continually being provided for the 2012 Supplementary Feeding Program.

Presently, a classroom in San Roque Elementary school and a brand new day care center in Brgy. Maligaya is being constructed. The two projects amounted to around 1, 750, 000 pesos. Budget would also be allocated for the proposed construction of a Government Complex in the municipality of Calauag, where national and local government offices will be placed.

Coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of the Barangay Kagawad Association of the Philippines, Gumaca Chapter, Gov. Suarez mentioned that the Provincial Government has already imparted, to date, around 32 million pesos worth of projects to the town of Gumaca. Aside from this, funding is also continuously being given to Serbisyong Suarez programs addressing agriculture, health, and education where the municipality will also benefit from. Phase 1 of the repair of Gumaca District Hospital is also already underway this year.

8 million pesos is to be allotted as well for the construction of the Gumaca Convention Center and the lot where it will stand. The hardworking governor also provided 39 canopy tents and 400 monoblock chairs for the barangays of the said town.

Because of the number and scale of projects Gov. Suarez has conferred the two towns with,Gumaca Mayor Erwin Caralian and Calauag Mayor Luisito Visorde were both overjoyed and grateful. According to the two mayors, they can feel the sincere concern and love the good governor has for the 4th district, though Gov. Suarez was not born in their area.

Gov. Suarez also said in his speech that, he is striving to give priority to faraway towns and barangays where projects and programs have seldom reached during the past years. (Quezon PIO)