Computer Laboratory and Farm to Market Road,Inaugurated at Dolores, Quezon


2012-09-25 09:20:14



Gov. David "Jayjay" C. Suarez,with the barangay captains and councilors looking on during the blessing of Mayor Renato Alilio, an acolyte, of the new Farm-to-Market Roads at Brgy.Antonino and Brgy.San Mateo in the town of Dolores last September 20, 2012.(Quezon PIO)

Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” personally attended the inauguration of two new farm-to-market roads at Brgy. Antonino and Brgy.San Mateo in the municipality of Dolores last September 20. The construction of the two concreted 241 linear meter roads amounted to a million pesos each.

Dolores Mayor Renato Alilio Sr., along with his vice mayor and 16 barangay captains, warmly welcomed Gov. Suarez upon the latter’s arrival. Mayor Alilio profusely thanked the good governor for the programs and projects the Provincial Government of Quezon has imparted for his town. Even more ecstatic are the residents of the two barangays who were very happy that their roads has been concreted. They said that their children now find going to and from school more convenient. From its former nickname “Barangay Pinabayaan”, they are now “Barangay Pinagpala.”

After the inauguration of the new farm-to-market roads, Gov. Suarez also came to Dagatan National High School to visit the students and open the new Computer Laboratory in the high school. The laboratory is an air conditioned room, complete with tables and chairs, and 25 computer units and an LCD projector and screen. Headsets for each computer unit are also available as preparation for the development of speech laboratories and the province’s planned English Literacy Program in the future.

In Gov. Suarez’s message, he stressed giving distant barangays and municipalities priority, because they are mostly overlooked and assistance oftentimes take a long time to reach them. Since he came from a small town and district as a young man, the governor promised himself that he will give special focus towards the needs of his fellow Quezonians hailing from the province’s farthest reaches.

Gov. Suarez also added that in order to help those coming from distant towns to develop their statuses and livelihood, it is necessary to improve transportation to hasten the delivery of their goods and produce.

Because the youth is close to the heart of the good father of Quezon, he is also focusing on promulgating educational assistance throughout the province through the Serbisyong Suarez Scholarship Program and the construction of Computer Laboratories in different public schools in Quezon Province. Through the efforts of Gov. Suarez and the Provincial Government, the lack of classrooms which is a national problem, is also being addressed one school and one municipality at a time.

Gov. Suarez aims to improve the competencies of the Quezonian youth not only in English proficiency but in applying for work after graduating from school. He added that there will be a call center agency to be constructed in the province, in order to give Quezonians more employment opportunities.

Because the principal of Dagatan national High School, Mr. CerafinCaringal asked the Provincial Government for financial assistance in purchasing a lot for additional classrooms, Gov. Suarez imparted the said school with 600, 000 pesos.

Dolores, Quezon also received 10 million pesos for the repair of the municipality’s Water System.

Board Members Romano Talaga and Bong Talabong were also in attendance, giving full support to the head of the Provincial Government of Quezon. (Quezon PIO)

Coinciding with the inauguration of the new Farm-to-Market Roads at Brgy.Antonino andBrgy. San Mateo, Dolores, Quezon Gov. David C. Suarez also visitedDagatan National High School last September 20.An air-conditioned Computer Laboratory complete with 24 desktop units and an LCD projector was also opened during his visit, through the efforts of the Provincial Government and Serbisyong Suarez for Education. (Quezon PIO)