Serbisyong Suarez Medical Mission, Visits the town of Sampaloc


2012-09-10 13:17:50



Once again, the municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon received assistance from the Serbisyong Suarez Medical Mission last September 6, which was held at the Municipal Covered Court of the said town.

The event, which was made exclusive for senior citizens, was presided over by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office headed by their officer-in-charge Mylene Gariguez. According to Gariguez, they chose to focus on giving aid to senior citizens this time because of their rising number in the town of Sampaloc. She added that a lot of them come to their office, asking for medicine, but they always ran short and had to turn away people. The free medicine and consultation provided by the Serbisyong Suarez Medical mission is then a very big help in alleviating the medical needs of the elderly in their town.
Over 197 senior citizens received free consultation from doctors Milagros Salamat, Marilyn Coronacion, and Mario Cuento, who are doctors hailing from Quezon Medical Center and are a part of the Serbisyong Suarez Medical Team.
Profuse thanks were given by residents Nelia Caspisconda, 65 years old and from Brgy. Bayongong, Margie Narita Oblena, 75 years old and from Brgy. Caldong, and Generosa Bombay, 67 and from Brgy. Ilayang Owayin, for the medical services the Provincial Government made available to their townsfolk. They said that since they were old and poor, it was always hard for them to go to the doctors in their area and buy medicine because of financial hindrances.
Mayor Emmanuel “Naning” Torres also expressed his gratitude for the continued support they receive from Serbisyong Suarez, and to Gov. David “Jayjay” C. Suarez for the programs and projects the latter spearheads for Sampaloc and the rest of Quezon. He also mentioned that there is a bigger medical mission in store for the Sampalocins, where there will once again be giving away of free medication and consultations.
The Serbisyong Suarez Medical Mission is a regularly scheduled project by the Provincial Government which visits different municipalities within the province of Quezon in order provide medical services to our fellow Quezonians in need. (Quezon PIO)