Serbisyong Suarez Medical and Dental Mission in Quezon Provincial Jail Delight Detainees


2012-08-23 16:07:51




A doctor checks up a detainee in the medical and dental mission conducted inside the Quezon Provincial Jail last August 16, where Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez, through his representatives and projects implemented, reached out to remind his fellow Quezonians in prison that they are not forgotten.(Quezon PIO)

In unison with the week-long celebration of the Niyogyugan Festival 2012, a medical and dental mission was conducted for the benefit of the inmates in Quezon Provincial Jail last August 16. Over 200 inmates received medical services, while 75 were given dental services, and 18 more had surgical operations.

The program at the provincial jail started at around 7 in the morning, where it opened with an ecumenical prayer asking for peace of mind and soul for the detainees and their families.

According to June Drece, mayor of the inmates, he has been a resident in the jail for almost 17 years but only now did he experience such state of peace and order in their prison. He said that even his fellow inmates have become disciplined, and cited that these changes were partly through the new management in Quezon Provincial Jail and through the continued support the Provincial Government is giving to them. He added that because of the support they are receiving, somehow they feel that they are still worth something good for the people reaching out to them and this serves as an inspiration for him and his fellow detainees.

Superintendent Annie Espinosa, overseer of the provincial jail, thanked Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez profusely for the help and support he gives to the said place. She said that the good governor showed that he remembered and cared for the inmates through the legal services he makes available for them.

Engr. Rowell Radovan, chief of the Provincial General Services Office and representative of Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez delivered a message to the residents of the jail. According to him, Gov. Suarez is doing his best to provide for the needs of the inmates. He also added that it is good for the jail that a woman is now in charge of them. He said that Supt. Espinosa has the heart of a mother, and with this, she can watch over and take care of the detainees well.

Legal services are continued to be given to investigate and give light to pending cases. There is also a skills training where the detainees are taught ways to earn livelihood for themselves in a safe and legal way when they are free to go. Engr. Radovan also assured the jail residents that medical and dental services will be given to them early.

Aside from medical and dental services, the Provincial Government also distributed toiletries like soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand towels, and the like for the hygiene of the inmates. After which, they happily shared a simple lunchtime meal.

Currently, there are about 965 detainees in the Quezon Provincial Jail. 7 of these are female, with the remaining 988 as males. According to Supt. Espinosa, the women, minors, and senior citizens will be moved immediately to facilities in BJMP. The oldest detainee is about 50 years old.

Medical doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, and nurses from the Quezon Medical Center volunteered to make the mission possible. (Quezon PIO)