Biggest Barangay Health Worker Assembly held this year


2012-08-03 10:08:48




Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez with the oldest serving Barangay Health Worker – at 86 years old – hailing from the town of Infanta, Quezon, Mrs. Elena Vertudes, during the BHW assembly at the Quezon Convention Center last July 31. More than 7,000 BHWs were present at the said event, making it the biggest BHW gathering to date.(Quezon PIO)


More than 7,000 barangay health workers and 7 mayors from all over the province of Quezon gathered last July 31, 2012 at the Quezon Convention Center, Lucena City.

Despite the harsh weather from typhoon Gener, the BHWs, some coming from far-flung areas in the province requiring travel by sea, still attended the gathering undeterred.

In the message of Dra. Corazon Flores, Department of Health Assistant Regional Director (Region IV-A), she expressed her pleasure at the active role of Quezon Governor David “Jayjay” C. Suarez in the continuing improvement of the province and betterment of his people. She cited the newly opened hospital in the town of San Francisco as an example, where the good governor himself attended its inauguration. She also said that she saw admirable conditions of the Health Centers in the towns of Catanauan, Unisan, Pagbilao, Calauag, and Gumaca in her visits during last year and the past months.

Gov. Suarez thanked the attending BHWs for their unmatchable dedication in serving each of their barangays. He also added that that, in the 16 years of service of the BHWs, this is the first time there has been a gathering of this magnitude in the province. He took their attendance as an opportunity to regale them with the good news that he will open a new hospital in Infanta, Quezon, which residents of the REINA area would benefit from. He also announced the a new Women’s Health Center will be built in Quezon Medical Center (QMC), where women can come and get their bodies checked up to know if they have or are at risk of breast cancer.

The Provincial Government also has funds allocated for purchasing weighing scales for children. According to the Governor, Quezon has a high number of malnourished children and these weighing scales can help in monitoring their health. He also added that he is going to need the help of Atimonan Mayor, Jose Mendoza, in the form of adopting his successful program to lessen the number of malnourished children in their area so that he can further strengthen their campaign against the malady.

Financial assistance for the BHWs is also going to come on a regular yearly basis from now on. This year, the Provincial Government set 4.9 million pesos to be distributed to them. The endowment fund to be allotted for the BHWs has been approved as well, and Gov. Suarez said that it was to show that the efforts and heroism of the health workers are greatly appreciated.

As an intermission number and ice breaker, 2nd District Senior Board Member Romano Talaga sang a song dedicated to the attendees of the event, which prompted the women in the audience to swoon. He added that he supports the projects of the Provincial Government wholeheartedly and believes in the good it will bring to the province of Quezon.

Mrs. Elena Verudes from Brgy. Pilaway from the town of Infanta, was presented a special cash gift as the oldest serving BHW in Quezon by none other than the good Governor of the province himself. Gov. Suarez also gave away different prizes and 50,000 cash prize in a raffle draw during the event, for the entertainment of the everyday heroes who serve their fellow Quezonians.

Other people of note who graced the event with their presence are Department of Health Representative Dr. Ramir Cruz, Provincial Health Officer-II Dr. Agripino Tullas, Provincial Administrator Romel Edaño, Sanggunian Board Members Techie Dator, Rachel Ubana,  Bunso Pasatiempo, Alona Obispo and Ferdinand Talabong. (Quezon PIO)