Gov. Suarez Expresses Gratitude for the Success of “2-in1”


2012-07-05 10:25:15




Quezon Governor Hon. David “Jayjay” C. Suarez took the opportunity to thank his constituents for participating in Quezon’s 2 in 1 during the flag ceremony at the Quezon Capitol in Lucena City, July 2.

The flag ceremony, which gathered the provincial government employees together, served as the perfect venue to announce the success of the Quezon’s 2 in 1 – the province-wide planting of 2 million mangrove propagules within one day – as many of the employees took part in the event, both in organizing as well as in the actual planting.

The governor called on the employees of PG-ENRO to acknowledge their extensive contribution, but not before joking that the 2 in 1 spirit is clearly still within them, as the shirt they wore on Saturday is still the same shirt they wore on Monday.

Many said that it couldn’t be done, but last Saturday, June 30, the province of Quezon and Gov. Suarez proved all dissuaders wrong. Quezon’s 2 in 1, which took 6 months to prepare and 3 months more to collate the mangrove propagules, proved to be a record breaking event in the history of the country’s environmental efforts.

From the data the governor has received, a total of 1, 356, 496 propagules have been planted in just 89 barangays – which is impressive considering that it is just over 40% of the completed data.

Gov. Suarez said that while he was looking at his Facebook page, the overflowing support almost made him well up. His wife asked what the matter was and he replied “It gave me another reason to say that I am proud to be a Quezonian.”

He stressed that the secret to their success was the collective effort of everyone that was involved. It was not just him or the PG-ENRO that made it possible, and added that this unity should become the proper formula for any endeavor they will have in Quezon.

“…for us to mobilize almost 30, 000 people in one day for a specific activity, that is a feat that is near impossible. And we did the impossible,” Gov. Suarez proudly declared, and added that the people’s assignment now is to take care of what they have started to ensure that everyone’s efforts will not go to waste. (Quezon PIO)