Quezon Celebrates Nutrition Month


2012-07-05 10:24:12




In line with the celebration of nutrition month, the Provincial Government of Quezon takes steps into combating malnutrition – which continues to be a cause for concern, not only in the province, but in the whole country as well.

Headed by Quezon Governor, Hon. David “Jayjay” C. Suarez, the Provincial Government addressed the malady with a series of feeding programs targeting the youth at different stages of their development. For those aged 0-36 months, a complimentary feeding program of formula milk is available. And when these children grow and step up to daycare, a supplementary feeding program, this time with Alactagrow, is given to them.

Last year, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) donated 50 million pesos to be allocated for daycares all over Quezon. In the flag ceremony for Provincial Government employees last Monday, July 2, Gov. Suarez said that DSWD gave the province another 50 million this year to sustain the projects in the daycares.

But the program does not stop there.  For those in the elementary level, Nutri-Juice packs are distributed for the consumption of malnourished, anemic children. From 2010-2011, over 18,000 students have already benefitted from the program.


Aside from just feeding programs, the local government is also teaching elementary and high school level students the importance of growing and consuming organic vegetables through the Gulayan sa Paaralan initiative.

Although already considerably extensive, Gov. Suarez expressed his interest to widen the scope of projects geared towards malnutrition. The governor said that, according to data he has received, the incidence of malnutrition has decreased by 65% in the communities that received the support from the projects.

During his short address at the flag ceremony, the governor also mentioned his concern about the iodine deficiency of his constituents, which is ironic considering the fact that Quezon is predominantly a coastal province and that seafood is iodine-rich. He mused that it maybe because of the diminishing marine life, and the timeliness of the recent Quezon’s 2 in 1 mangrove planting event should be commended as it will help the ecosystem flourish.  And with a healthy ecosystem, more fish means more iodine and of course, healthier Quezonians. (Quezon PIO)