2 QMC Utility Workers, Awarded for Honesty


2012-07-05 10:22:44




July 2, Monday — 2 Quezon Medical Center (QMC) employees were granted special awards for their honesty during the flag ceremony of provincial government employees at the Quezon Capitol.

Utility workers Aaron C. Reforma, and Emerose Q. Cantal, on two separate occasions, found money lost in QMC’s Pediatric Area. Both reported the amount they recovered, to the relief of distraught parents looking to use the money to pay for medicine and hospitalization bills.

Dr. Dennis Riverie, QMC Pediatric Head, said that after discovering from his head nurse what the two have done, he decided to recommend in a meeting a few weeks ago with newly appointed QMC officer-in-charge Dr. Ramon Baldovino and Executive Assistant Diony Rodolfa that such exemplary individuals need to be recognized.

Governor Hon. David C. Suarez, who was present at the flag ceremony, expressed his appreciation for Reforma and Cantal’s good deed. As he had said, money sometimes has the tendency to blind people, especially those in need of it. But what set the two apart from most is that they did not let their own personal needs override their moral obligation to do what is right.

After receiving certificates from Dr. Baldovino, Gov. Suarez invited the two to his office before they went back to their posts at QMC. He told them that as a reward, he will give them a gift amounting bigger to what they have found.

Although simple, what Reforma and Cantal have done serves a big example for everyone, especially for those working in the government. Excellence in governance can be expressed in many ways, and oftentimes, starts at the simplest and smallest of actions of both leader and subordinate. (Quezon PIO)